Online Business Listings: Why are they so Important?!

Because Google searches don’t always lead people to your website first and foremost. Many times, web browsers end up on 3rd party websites and directories. YELP! Google Places. Yellow Pages. Trip Advisor – just to name a few.

There could be hundreds of search directories that web users stumble upon depending on what words and phrases they used when typing in their search.

Are some third-party sites more relevant than other? Yes.

Reputation plays a big part for every business online. And search engine directory companies are no different. However, it’s in their best interest to give reliable information. Afterall, their business is to get web users to come to their website. If they give bad info, people won’t trust them anymore. So, they rarely give “misinformation” on purpose. 

But, sometimes they copy business listing info from old, outdated sources that they find in town records, online, etc. 

Maybe they just haven’t connected with you in a while… And honestly, who really has time to stay on top of all that web stuff anyway!?

Well, maybe your competitors do. And that puts you at a disadvantage.

Nothing is more annoying to a potential customer than finding a great place through an online search, but then they call and find out the phone number is old, and disconnected…

Or the street address is inaccurate!! That’s where you were as a downtown start up. Now, none of the searches are telling people you’ve moved to an office uptown!

The good news is, this is a relatively easy and cheap fix for your marketing budget. Reputable online marketers should not charge you an arm and a leg for a business directory listings service.

At Ajar Communications, for example, we offer a basic, onetime setup service for $350. This will ensure a business appears in all significant search engine directories with proper spelling of name, address, phone, and all other accurate profile information.

It’s piece of mind – and for many businesses this one-time cost is all they need.

For those who want more certainty with directory tracking and updates, as well as added security for an online business brand, Ajar offers a low cost monthly plan. Depending on your type of business and the importance of customer reviews, you might have an interest in our reputation management services, too.

For any business serious about their online “impact”, we offer a free web activity and relevance “checkup”, which includes a detailed report on key performance indicators such as keyword analysis, social media presence, online reach, and more. 

5 Components of a Winning Online Marketing Strategy for 2018

Valuable tips for small and mid-size companies to boost website visits by advertising on the web
Look around, everyone is on the web these days, right? If you want to market to people, you have to get your brand and message where their eyes are “looking”. And everyone is looking at their phone. Put your brand in the palm of their hands.

But, with such a vast “ocean” of information out there, how can you be sure to make a splash and get noticed? This is a complex and difficult task, especially if you are a business owner with serious day-to-day concerns.

Let’s face it, everyone and their brother has a website. That alone is not going to help you stand out in the crowd. Even posting to Facebook might not ensure your content reaches your direct contacts, not without paying to promote your posts.

All Is not lost. The good news is, you don’t have to get your business message in front of everyone to succeed. You just need to reach the people who could potentially be your customers – now and in the future.

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