March 11, 2019 Ajar Communications

Improve ROI by Hiring a Video Production Company

Viewers will notice a difference with professional cameras, lenses, lighting, and audio – And will be more likely to actually watch your business videos.

Many of the projects we produce as marketers are designed to make a good first impression, or reinforce the value promised by a brand. It’s a pretty basic concept, but sometimes easier said than done. After all, what appeals to some people does not attract others.

Believe it or not, creating a compelling, concise message and transferring that valuable information to a specific target audience is not an easy task.

Taking into consideration quality, time, and budget while keeping in step with brand consistency and company image further adds to the level of difficulty.

Think for a moment about your own YouTube internet viewing habits.

Today’s online world is in the palms of our hands. Through our phones, laptops, etc. we are bombarded by information, offers, and advertisements. There are tons of marketing messages competing for our attention. Infomercials and how-to advice abound on the internet.

We have all experienced this scenario – Looking for information on a topic, we find a video that looks like it has the right information. We click on it, but as we begin to watch, the camera work is shaky; the audio is hard to hear; the on-camera talent fails to get to the point – for any number of reasons we click to the next video.

There’s always another option. Think about your own YouTube experience. There are so many choices nowadays that we have no trouble switching “the channel”. Videos must literally “convince” viewers to watch – and that is more often achieved with high quality professional video productions.

Now think of the last video you found useful.

Hopefully you watched the entire video (maybe more than once). What was it that captured your attention? Did it provide accurate information presented in a logical format? Were the visual aids helpful? Quality camera work? Great acting?

Whatever it was, they got you to watch to the end.

This is the experience you want to give viewers of your business video. If done right, they will reach the call to action. They will get the message. They will visit the website. They buy into the offer.

This is why you need a pro.

A quality video production company is going to achieve better results by following a project schedule. For example, at Ajar we go through a proven 5 step process to achieve video project success:

1. Consider target audience – At the outset we discuss who will be watching the video. Who is it intended for? Are they existing customers, or brand-new folks learning about a business for the first time? We want to consider their age, their interests, and their habits to make a video production that appeals to their sensibilities. This could be serious, comic, or anywhere in between.

2. Write the Script – This is the blueprint for the project. It should spell out everything that will be said on camera as well as narrated. It should also outline what will be filmed, locations, and any remaining production details. It provides guidance to the editing team during post production work as well.

3. Professional cameras, lenses, and equipment – Quality, technology, and experience make all the difference when capturing high definition imagery. We capture the imagination and present your brand in an accurate and appropriate way.

4. Editing and sound – Post production is where much of the magic and story telling take place. A professional production company will take into account music, mood, pacing, and audience to engage viewers and hold their attention. The editing details can make a BIG difference at the viewer’s subconscious level. Our editors can make cell phone cameras and amateur footage look cooler.

5. Distribution plan – Last but not least, the ultimate success of any internet marketing video is a plan for getting eyes on it. Without viewers, what is the point of going through the whole ordeal of filming a video on the first place? We’ve learned that even a GREAT video without a strategy for delivering gives very little return on investment (ROI). While a video with a distribution strategy has a much higher ROI potential.

Sure. But are good business videos really affordable?

The truth is, we don’t know. It depends. But here’s how we do the math. (To tell the truth, this is how we do the math for any internet marketing service we offer): What is the lifetime value of one new customer?

It’s an easy question that means different things to different businesses. An appliance company may have a customer just one time. Or once ever 6 years.

A hair stylist may have a new customer who comes in every 3 weeks.

How long does a business / customer relationship last? Is it monthly? Several years? That would be the lifetime value of a new customer. So how many new customers does a video have to attract before it breaks even? Before it becomes profitable?

For big ticket items, that’s not a lot. It could be one new car sold at an auto dealership. On the other hand, that could be a lot of haircuts. So, it all depends, but it is quite possible to determine if a creative marketing video is the right investment.
Do the math. If it adds up, give Ajar a call.

Otherwise (all joking aside), we highly recommend consulting a professional production agency to evaluate potential project cost and requirements for any public facing video project that will represent your company brand on the web.