The Challenge: Keeping your business information up-to-date.

Ajar offers this service to keep track of all the most relevant online directories and ensure your business information is accurate up-to-date. This includes sites like Google Places, Yelp!, Yellow Pages, Mantra, and more.

Many searches end up in third party directories and listings. If customers only see your competitors listed, or they find wrong information about your company, you risk missing out on potential sales.

For a reasonable monthly rate, you get the piece of mind that your business won’t be negatively affected by inaccurate listings. Think about the scenario when a potential customer is looking for you online. If their search points them to Google Places, which says “this location has not been claimed,” or it says you “close at 5:00,” when really you are open until 8:00 – now misinformation has threatened your website traffic and the potential foot traffic to your store or office.

We keep you current by verifying and maintaining all significant directories.